How to control weeds in wheat field | Atlantis Super and Buctril Super herbicides by Bayer Pakistan

In this video, I will briefly explain the method of weeds control in wheat crop by Bayer Pakistan herbicide products.
There are two types of weeds in wheat crop;
Narrow leaf weeds
Broad leaf weeds
Both these weeds can be controlled by spray of Atlantis super @ 160 gram per acre but it is weak on Lehli weeds and Kandyari weeds. So broad leaf weedicide is necessary to mix with Atlantis super.
Buctril Super is a broad leaf weedicide that can control all broad leaf weeds.
Buctril Super is used @ 250 to 300 ml per acre.
Sandy soils and salts affected soils needs precautions in using these herbicides. The dose of one acre should be sprayed on 1.5 acre in that case.
Review of both these Weedicides by Bayer Pakistan company is presented for the help of wheat growers in order to control weeds in wheat field.
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