How to conduct Expert Interviews (consulting skills)

Do you want to know how to conduct expert interviews? Conducting expert interviews is a key skill for Consulting or other professional services such as Private Equity. As a consultant working at an MBB consulting firm like McKinsey, BCG or Bain, you will regularly conduct interviews with internal and external experts. Conducting exprt interviews is something every consultant should practice, it is a consulting essential. For commercial due diligences in consulting and PE, expert interviews are key tool. Be prepared for your next DD by learning how to conduct expert interviews. Expert networks are important to get in touch with experts. Inex One is a great tool to connect with expert networks.

00:00 Expert Interviews in Consulting and PE
01:45 Need for Expert Interviews
03:38 What people to talk to?
05:17 What questions to ask?
06:52 How to behave in interviews?
08:24 How to find the expert?
10:35 Expert Networks - Inex One

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Download my list of typical questions for expert interviews:

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