How To Come Up With Billion Dollar Business Ideas | Hubspot Co-Founder Dharmesh Shah

Sam Parr (@TheSamParr) and Shaan Puri (@ShaanVP) talk to Co-Founder & CTO of HubSpot, Dharmesh Shah (@dharmesh), about why a bad economy is a good time to start a business, creating an alternative to Wordle, and the trillion dollar Venn diagram of success.

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* HubSpot - https://www.hubspot.com

* Why to Start a Startup in a Bad Economy article - http://www.paulgraham.com/badeconomy.html

* WordPlay - https://wordplay.com

* Shaan's Maven writing course - https://maven.com/generalist/writing

* Shaan tweet about starting the next Pixar - https://twitter.com/ShaanVP/status/1541517141672833026?s=20&t=3cn4kPT4NVCfmlrCx_j9xA

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