How to Choose the Right Warehouse Management System Without Losing Your Mind

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Choosing the right warehouse management system ensures more efficient warehouse and inventory management in distribution or manufacturing logistics, and on top of that, it generates added value for the business. What criteria should a business consider in order to find the right solution when choosing a warehouse management system?

A warehouse and inventory management system is one of the key software systems used by most businesses in retail, distribution, e-commerce, and order fulfillment.

However, choosing the right system is not a trivial matter. A new online store, a distribution company planning to scale up business operations and a retailer expanding order volume and product range all face similar dilemmas when looking for a suitable solution for their warehousing, inventory, and logistics processes.

Businesses in the early stages of digitalization and automation expect the following results from the implementation of a #WMS system:

- acquiring detailed insight into ongoing supply operations,
- real-time access to inventory levels and movement,
- boosting the performance of order picking and dispatching processes,
- and reducing error rate during order fulfillment.

On the other hand, businesses that are already working with a WMS or similar solution expect to extract added value from the deployment of innovative software platforms. These platforms usually employ the latest technology such as digital twins, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Cutting-edge technology is one reason these smart industry systems deliver more value. This includes intelligent labor management, automatic synchronization and coordination of warehousing operations and automation of administrative and financial processes, and their dynamic adaptation to consumer behavior and market changes. Furthermore, advanced solutions for intelligent warehouse and inventory management carry extended possibilities for horizontal and vertical value chain integration.

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