How to Buy Your First Rental Property in 6 Steps

If you’re wondering how to buy your first rental property, there is arguably no better place on the internet to learn than BiggerPockets. Ashley Kehr should know, she tripled her portfolio after she found the BiggerPockets forums. But, in order for Ashley to triple her portfolio, she had to make the leap and learn how to buy her first deal. Today, she’ll teach you how to do the same, so you can reach financial freedom.

Ashley wasn’t born into a real estate family. She worked a nine-to-five job as an accountant, only to realize she hated it and later quit. She began working for a local investor and started learning the real estate management game. Ashley then partnered with the son of her boss, who provided her the capital to begin investing.

In less than a decade, Ashley was able to reach financial freedom, retire from any possibility of a regular workweek, and spend more time with her children. Now, it’s time for you to do the same!

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