How To Build A Workflow For Creativity and Personal Knowledge Management in Craft

In this Showcase Your Craft event we have three fantastic presentations that explore the different ways you can use Craft.

1:05 - FlohGro can help you take your book notes to another level. He demonstrates his system for syncing and organizing reading highlights into Craft using Raindrop.io and an Apple Shortcut he built.
Tim Stringer demonstrates three workflows he's built in Craft:
22:46 - Tim shares his idea incubator workflow for taking creative projects from idea to fruition.
28:48 - Then, he shares his approach for managing open projects. He uses tools like Hook and OmniFocus for a seamless experience when navigating between different apps during a project.
34:16 - Finally, he shows us the Apple Shortcut he uses when there's an emergency (such as a power outage). This Shortcut provides instructions to follow, creates a log of events, and even triggers messages to friends/family to let them know.
44:58 - Melly shares with us her beautifully structured Digital Garden and demonstrates how she organizes her second brain. She also presents her process for developing ideas using Craft and shows us how she tracks the books she's reading.

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Useful links:
Craft Weekly - the Craft community newsletter: https://www.craft.do/s/aEk5sauDwzrQBK
Hook - https://hookproductivity.com/
Download Craft - https://www.craft.do/download
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