How to Build a Team with Undercover Billionaire Elaine Culotti (S2/E10)

Undercover Billionaire Elaine Culotti shows you the right way to build a team.

Undercover Billionaire Playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUZbvQHfU6uIgEO8jQD3nvAggs_PGslI-

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Drew Page is co-owner and partner of Randall, Page & Bruch, PC, a law firm with offices in Suffolk, Courtland, Virginia Beach, and Emporia, Virginia. He also runs Drew Page Enterprises, which focuses on consulting and branding. Drew has over a decade of experience representing clients in Virginia traffic cases, Virginia divorce cases, Virginia custody cases, Virginia criminal cases, Virginia personal injury cases, and Virginia wills and estates cases. Drew has served as an adjunct professor at Regent University School of Law, teaching Trial Practice, Advanced Trial Practice, Family Law, and Legal Research and Writing. He is a speaker for Virginia CLE programs, educating other attorneys on the law in Virginia. Drew is an author of a new Virginia traffic book entitled The Right Defense for a Traffic Offense in Virginia. He also owns real estate and has numerous investments in the stock market. You can reach Drew at (757) 935-9065, [email protected], or www.rpbfirm.com.

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