How To Build a Smart Home - 101

It's not easy to build and love a smart home. The list of products, technologies, services, and more that you can use and buy is huge. You get terms like Zigbee, Z-Wave, Thread, and you have struggles with WiFi, and that's before you decide what to buy.

Is Google Home or Amazon Alexa better? Is Apple HomeKit or Samsung SmartThings the best? Should you buy a new router, or should you get mesh WiFi? Is Home Assistant right for you? Who has the best smart home hub? What does local home automation mean?

The list of questions you'll have goes on and on, and I answer them all in my guide for how to build a smart home 101.

Timecodes for today's video:
00:00 - How to Build a Smart Home 101
1:11 - What Can a Smart Home Do?
6:55 - What Is In A Home Automation?
9:31 - How Does a Smart Home Work?
14:18 - What Is In a Smart Home?
24:04 - The Best Smart Home Platforms
42:30 - Build The Best Smart Home Now

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