How to Build a Data Science Career from Scratch | Interview with Olanrewaju Oyinbooke

Hello friends, in this video I ask Olanrewaju Oyinbooke who is an experienced data scientist, Head of Data Management Office at Axa Mansard Nig, CDMP, Microsoft MVP, and Power platform advocate, and a Youtuber, questions on how you can build a successful career in the data space.

Ola's YouTube Channel:

0.00 Introduction
0.43 Meet Olanrewaju Oyinbooke
1.53 Tell us about your Data Career Progression
7:18 How was your learning path
11:20 Preferred Learning Path
13:08 Best way to learn
14:44 Break free from tutorials cycle
15:26 Does my academic background affect my learning possibilities ?
18:30 Benefits of persistent learning
19:54 How do I know when to start applying for jobs?
23:38 What Hiring Managers look for in new hires?
27:58 What are you productivity hacks?
32:10 What is the place of Mentoring in Data Career growth?
36:11 Why you should Join a community
40:43 Should data beginners have a specific data niche?
48:14 Data is the new oil

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