How to Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau: Mastering Diabetes Answers Your FAQs About Losing Weight

Have you hit a weight loss plateau that seems impossible no matter what you do? Fear not, because Cyrus and Robby are here to help you break through that frustrating barrier and achieve your weight loss goals.

We also know that some of you are tempted to cheat and struggle with sugar addiction. And the social media space, where influencers bombard us with contrasting information, is not helping.

So let's stop that. If you want your best A1c, gain more energy, and achieve your ideal body weight, stick around. 

From why a low fat, whole food plant-based diet is superior nutrition for your diabetes to why an accountability buddy is so important, Mastering Diabetes got you covered.

Now, let's start with your questions about losing weight:

00:00 - Intro
3:22 - How much weight loss do you need to reverse diabetes?
9:11 - Why am I not seeing results?
14:42 - How long does it take to see results?
20:20 - Will I ever stop craving unhealthy foods?
24:35 - How do I gain muscle?
35:06 - Is the coaching program worth it?
36:40 - How to get started with Mastering Diabetes
41:50 - Get some help!
45:12 - Outro

Watch and Enjoy!
Cyrus & Robby

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