How to BREAK into PROJECT MANAGEMENT (2023 Guide & Resources Linked)

How to get your first project management job in 2023. This video breaks down the process into 3 main parts: developing your skillset, getting your foot in the door, and specializing your skillset. Regardless if you are a new graduate or experienced professional, the tips shared are applicable to help you expedite your career growth. All resources and 2023 guide I created are linked in the description below.

A Guide to Breaking into Project Management in 2023:

2023 PMP Study Guide I created:

Intro 0:00
How to Break into Project Management 0:40
Part 1: Developing Your Skillset 1:25
Part 2: Getting Your Foot In The Door 4:50
Part 3: Specializing Your Skillset 7:30
Outro 9:04

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