How to break into Product Management (from a tech & non-tech background) | LIVE Webinar

A career in Product Management is one of the most sought-after and high paying in the today's time. Someone in this role has to keep an eye on every aspect of the business from tech, marketing, design and strategy.

Owing to the vast knowledge of Product Managers regarding each step of building a product to ensuring its success, a lot of PMs end up going the entrepreneurial way. Many top employers often ask for prior experience or a tech background to fill up the Product Manager's position. However, this career route is also open to those with non-tech background.

This webinar will help you with invaluable guidance on how to break into this career. We will discuss -

o Fundamentals of Product Management
o Types of Products
o How the life of a Product Manager looks like?
o What skills to develop to become a Product Manager? (for both tech & non-tech profiles)
o Any certifications/real-life projects that will help you build those skills

For information on online courses & certifications for your relevant skill set, you can explore -

1. All about Product Management - https://www.naukri.com/learning/what-is-product-management-st631#description

2. Product Management courses - https://www.naukri.com/learning/product-management-courses-certification-training-st631?fftid=hamburger

3. https://www.naukri.com/learning/
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