How To Become the PM Developers Love - Alexa Alfonso

Creating a synergy between project managers and developers is critical to operating successful projects.

Great project managers are like oxygen. If they’re doing their job, you don’t even notice they are there. But if they are not, then you begin to realize you are choking and can’t breathe.

But what makes a great project manager?

A great project manager doesn’t ask, “Hey, tell me exactly what you are doing.” A great project manager inquires, “Let me know the general mechanics of what you are working on and why it matters to the project.”

There is always an interesting dynamic between a project managers and developers. PMs are trying to prove their value to their developers, while developers are trying to avoid PMs at all cost; thinking that they are a waste of time.

If you want to improve your project management skills, focus on strengthening your relationships with your developers by asking them the right questions.


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