How To Become Ethical Hacker In 2022 | Ethical Hacker Roadmap 2022 | Ethical Hacker | Simplilearn

In today's video on How to Become Ethical Hacker in 2022, we cover the basics of ethical hacking, and the roles/responsibilities of ethical hackers when they get corporate exposure. We cover the job titles in the ethical hacking and cybersecurity section of IT and follow up with a ethical hacker roadmap 2022 for beginners to follow. We also take a look at the skills needed for ethical hacking and the most recommended certifications that teach users these skills.

00:00 Introduction
03:57 What is Ethical Hacking?
06:14 Types of Ethical Hackers
07:52 Skills Needed for Ethical Hacking
14:22 Responsibilities of Ethical Hackers
16:07 Job Opportunities in IT Industry
18:44 Popular Certifications for Ethical Hacking

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