How to Become an Effective Communicator by Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn says that you should never be lazy in language. Sometimes the subtle difference in the way we communicate can make or break our future. By having a command in communication skills, you’ll increase every level of performance in your life. You should take advantage of every opportunity to improve your communication skills so that when an important occasion arises you would have the necessary skills to impact other people. In this lecture, Jim Rohn gives the do's and don'ts of everyday as well as professional communication.

00:00 The Gift of Language
02:57 Training
03:22 Teaching
04:52 Learning How to Inspire
06:12 Mistakes to Avoid in Marketplace
07:52 Avoid Bad Language
08:50 Don't be Late
09:30 Watch Your Lingo
10:00 Be a Good Judge of Character
10:40 Deliver Criticism in a Safe Way
13:45 Be Intense

The Gift of Language:
Jim Rohn says that our words enable us to transfer our thoughts from inside our own mind into the mind of another. It creates reality and has has the power to alter history. Therefore, you should never be lazy in learning and let the gift of language inspire you and others around you.

It's the first part in communication. Training simply means how to do the job, business,... And if you can get good at it, Jim Rohn says that it pays big money.

It involves teaching life skills like goal setting, leadership skills, management skills, and so on. Teaching someone how to become influential. Teach people how to use the gift of language.

Learning How to Inspire:
Help people to see themselves better than they are, show them the promise of the future with your words. Help them to learn from the mistakes of the past in order to develop new disciplines for the future.

Mistakes to Avoid in Marketplace:
Jim Rohn says that there are certain things in the marketplace that you should be wary of. If you deal with them casually, it may cost you more than you your fortune. You must watch and listen and then decide the appropriate communication style.

Avoid Bad Language:
You should use appropriate language in the marketplace. The best way to do this is read your audience and then communicate in the way they fell comfortable with.

Don't be Late:
Being late doesn't offers a good impression. It implies that you are casual about your work. You should try to never be late for work, else you might be too late someday and the opportunity of your life passes you by to someone who takes work more seriously.

Watch Your Lingo:
Every business and domain has its specific lingo which is alien to the others. Jim Rohn says that you should watch your lingo, and don't use language that is specific to work in your home or with friends and vice versa.

Be a Good Judge of Character:
Jim Rohn says that you should be able to identify the wolf in the marketplace or your personal life for your own safety. There are wolves who have now learnt to dress up as sheep i.e. the people who waste your time, who speak negatively, who are a drag on your finances, and so on.

Deliver Criticism in a Safe Way:
If you are in a situation where you have to employ tough words, be sure to attack the problem and not the person, and deliver criticism in a safe way. It doesn't mean mincing words, it just means that you have to be cautious enough to make sure that the person doesn't make the same mistake twice and mention their positive attributes to signal that you are not attacking the person.

Be Intense:
The more you care the stronger you can be. If people know that you care, they will allow you to use powerful language to get on their case.

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