How to become a great cybersecurity leader and manager | Cyber Work Podcast

On today’s podcast, Cicero Chimbanda, Infosec Skills author and lecturer, discusses his cybersecurity leadership and management courses. We discuss the many paths of a cybersecurity leadership role, the soft skills that separate a good information security manager from a great one and why a baseline of cybersecurity knowledge can enhance any job, even if you don’t plan to pivot into the industry.

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0:00 - Intro
3:37 - Getting into cybersecurity
6:43 - First learning cybersecurity
7:54 - Skills needed to move up
10:41 - CISM certification
13:00 - Two tracks of technology
15:13 - Are certifications important?
18:50 - Work as a college lecturer
22:43 - Important cybersecurity soft skills
27:40 - Cybersecurity leadership and management
32:33 - Where to go after security leadership
35:26 - Soft skills for cybersecurity managers
37:23 - Benefits to skills-based education
39:40 - Tips for lifelong learning
43:46 - Cybersecurity education’s future
45:21 - Outro

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