How to Become a Data Analyst (Updated for 2022)

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00:42 - DataCamp Callout
02:00 - How to Download Roadmap for FREE
03:00 - Roadmap Caveats
04:18 - Starting Points to Become a Data Analyst
11:28 - What Type of Job do You Want
23:00 - Skills Roadmap to Become a Data Analyst
23:47 - Stage 0: Education, Internships, and Bootcamps
27:40 - Stage 1: Basic Data Skills, BI Tools, and Excel
33:45 - Stage 1.5: Applying to Jobs
38:11 - Stage 2: Your first Hardcore Skill, SQL
41:01 - Stage 3: Outperform other Analysts, Python/R, Statistics, and Leetcode
47:16 - Stage 4: Experienced Analysts: Machine Learning, Project Management, GIT

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