How To Become A Cloud Engineer | Azure Career Path | Intellipaat Podcast - 04

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Welcome to the fourth episode of the Intellipaat Podcast! We're delighted to have Mr. Ajithesh Gupta on board, a seasoned professional with 12+ years of experience in software development. Ajithesh has worked on a wide array of technologies, including Cloud Computing, DevOps, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and more. Currently, he’s working as a Senior Software Developer at Microsoft.

In today's podcast, Mr. Ajithesh will help us understand cloud computing and how freshers can start a career with Azure. He'll share his own experiences, including how he switched from studying electronics communication to working in software development.

During this podcast, you'll discover how cloud computing has evolved and why it's so important today. Ajithesh will not only discuss this but also provide a clear roadmap for beginners looking to begin their journey in cloud computing using Azure.

We'll also talk about exciting developments in artificial intelligence tools in cloud computing and learn about projects to help you start a career in this field. Additionally, we'll discuss what recruiters seek when hiring for cloud-related jobs.

The key concepts covered in this podcast on “How to Become a Cloud Engineer?” are :
00:00 - Introduction
01:06 - Can You Share Your Career Journey, Including How You Started at Microsoft as a Senior Software Engineer?
02:13 - What Kind of Preparations Did You Make to Attain an SDE Position at Microsoft?
03:37 - Could You Explain Your Journey From Electronics and Communication Engineering to Cloud Domain?
04:55 - Please Explain Cloud Computing in Layman's Terms.
07:51 - Privacy is a Concern for Organizations. How Does a Cloud Platform Like Azure Address Security?
09:55 - What Level of Technical Proficiency is Necessary for the Effective Management of Azure Services?
11:16 - How Can Individuals Effectively Prepare Themselves for a Transition Into the Field of Cloud Computing?
14:43 - How Does the Distinction Between On-Premises and Cloud Services Impact Infrastructure Management and Resourse Provisioning?
16:30 - Could You Share Some of the Trends and Emerging Technologies in the Azure Ecosystem That Beginners Should Be Aware Of?
18:20 - How Can Individuals Effectively Prepare Themselves for a Transition Into the Field of Cloud Computing?
19:23 - What Role Certifications Play in Advancing One's Career in Azure?
20:23 - Please Provide More Details About Azure's Storage Systems
21:32 - Since You Mentioned Storage Services, Can You Shed Some Light on What Exactly Azure Data Factories Are?
22:48 - What Types of Projects Are Typically Assigned to Entry-Level Azure Cloud Professionals?
25:00 - What Are the Essential Skills That Cloud Computing Professionals Commonly Need to Excel in Their Careers?
26:51 - What Exactly Does the Term System Design Stand For?
29:01 - How Does System Design Correlate With Cloud Computing?
30:31 - How is Generative AI and ChatGPT Going to Affect the Cloud Computing Landscape?
32:40 - What Was Your Experience Like While Working at Microsoft?
34:05 - How Can Learners Make the Most of Their Learning Experience?
35:48 - In Addition to good Pay, What Are the Other Factors That Enhance the Appeal of a Career in Cloud Computing?
36:52 - What Advice Would You Give to Those Looking to Pursue a Career in Cloud Computing?

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