How to be Successful in your Civil Engineering Jobs search and structural engineering jobs?

This is a civil engineering jobs hunt related webinar. This is not focusing just one structural design topic but covers my experience on gaps in civil engineering education and what students need to focus to land a civil engineering job and a rewarding civil engineering career.
Engineering schools are producing many more engineers than the current market demands. The engineering jobs are shifting to being more project-based and technology based. Students are required to have more practical engineering experience during their civil engineering education. Engineering companies are also evolving to become more agile - working faster and smarter using BIM tools like Revit. As a result, students are required to have more professional work experience. Students are required to have an internship or at least a co-op during their education. The major problem with this model is that students are not getting proper guidance on how to get a civil engineering job. This webinar will discuss the gaps in the education system and what students need to do to land a civil engineering job.

This is useful if you fall in one of the categories below
Entry level civil engineer looking for Civil engineering Jobs
Entry level structural engineer looking for Structural engineering jobs
Revit modelers looking for Revit jobs
A civil engineer looking to shift career from site engineering to structural design
An experienced civil engineer looking to set up freelancing in civil engineering or starting a civil engineering consulting business.

The webinar covers the below topics.
What should fresh do to get that first job
How to Cover the gaps in civil engineering education
How to Know the latest technology in civil engineering
Benefits of Knowing the structural engineering consulting practices
Importance of Knowing the building design Project cycle
Importance of Connecting with RELEVANT people in civil engineering industry
Importance of Demonstrating structural engineering skills
How do you set up your business in civil & structures?
Importance of setting up a design process - Right tools like ETABS, Revit and SAFE
Importance of Finding your clients - Right clients
Find your civil engineering niche

This webinar will give you an overall idea for you to focus on key essential points to learn and to approach for your civil engineering job hunt. In the webinar some structural points are covered that helps you identify the gaps in education. Also, students’ structural questions are answered

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