How to Be More Charismatic with these 9 Tips (Hindi)| लोगो को अपनी तरफ Attract करें | CA Kanika Jain

We all know people who exude charisma and always leave the best impression and charm everyone in the room. Have you ever wondered what makes them so likable and memorable? So did we! We’ve found that charisma can be learned. We identified habits that exceptionally charismatic people follow.

If you want to be more charismatic and charming in everyday life, it can be a serious challenge, especially if you don’t normally think of yourself as being a charismatic person. Are you an introvert? Probably somewhat - but that does not limit you.

Charisma is the way of being and interact with other people in such a way that they become more attracted to you. However, for most people being charismatic is a genetic behavior i.e. they think that you can't learn to be more charismatic or charming but this is not true.

Charisma happens to be a social skill that you can practice and improve. In this video, we go over 9 different habits of highly charismatic people that you can make your own and make anyone admire you.
Use these 9 tips to become more charismatic!

CA Kanika Jain is a Life Skills Coach who believes in "New Day = New strength + New thoughts" is the recipe of success! An inspirational YouTube Channel where we contribute to inspire everyone to aspire to achieve happiness and success in life!

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