How to be a SUCCESSFUL Vtuber (Complete Guide)

If you’re starting on your Vtuber journey and want to know how to SUCCEED then this is a video for you. I started my personal journey in Feb of 2020, and I have learned a LOT about what it takes and what you should be doing to set yourself up for success. Being a Virtual YouTuber changed my life for the better, and I hope that I can set you up with the tools to do the same for yourself!

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0:00 - Intro
1:06 - Planning Your Debut & Model
2:27 -Advertise Your Debut
4:01 - Connecting to the Community
5:22 - Utilizing Discord
5:57 - Organize Collabs
6:18 - Build a Reputation
6:38 - Keep Your Page Professional
6:58 - Retaining Your Audience
7:47 - Don’t Focus on Numbers
8:14 - Final Thoughts

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