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So here in the crash, the camera is looking northbound in the city of Spokane, Washington in the United States, and the vehicle proceeds northbound through the intersection and from what I can see in the footage here, the vehicle is speeding, actually, both vehicles I think are speeding.

So the vehicle's heading northbound.

The vehicle comes from the west and is heading eastbound through the intersection.

The two vehicles collide in a T-bone crash and none of the occupants from the vehicles get out.
It's a serious crash because the vehicle heading northbound hits the other vehicle almost directly on the center post of the, it's a four-door car that it hits.

And just on that center post where the two doors meet, the back door and the front door.

So the back of the front door, there's a post there where the back door hinges on, and that's where it hit it, right on in a direct hit on that vehicle.

I mean, it was almost, you know, it's one of those crashes that a couple of seconds either way and it wouldn't have happened as it did.

Now, one of the things that you don't see in the video is to the left of the camera, you think that the vision is obstructed of the driver heading northbound.

Good luck on your road test.

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