How to Avoid the Artist to Content Creator Pipeline on YouTube

The artist to content creator pipeline on YouTube: What is the difference between an artist and a content creator? Why do artists stop making art when they start making YouTube videos? Does that mean they've failed as artists?

In this episode, we break down the phenomenon that we've noticed happening more and more frequently here on YouTube. Artists, no matter how passionate about their craft, seem to consistently drift away from making art, and instead start making "content." But is this a bad thing? Can these creators still be called "artists"? Is it YouTube's fault that artists stop making art? We talk about all this and more, and offer some advice on how to avoid losing your artistic passion, and how to embrace the "content creator" label.


- Kelsey's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3JGnf8zOIQ06PGQ0Yb2_1Q

- Al's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOqBDqZY_yuNUOSj3jdrfyg


00:00 Is Youtube a good platform for artists?
04:55 Art, content, and time management
08:43 The artist to content creator pipeline
31:00 Meta-art related content
38:00 Answering your questions


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