How to Attract and Retain Technologists in an Ultra Competitive Market

Between the well-documented “Great Resignation” across the U.S. labor force and the continually-expanding investment in technology across nearly every industry and vertical, the surge in demand for skilled technologists shows no signs of slowing.

The level of demand and an increasing openness on the part of technologists to change employers have made attracting and retaining tech talent even more difficult for hiring organizations and recruiters. In this webinar, we’ll share five tips to help you compete and win in a tight market and reinforce those tips with data and insights from recent Dice surveys and reports.

You’ll learn:
· How to leverage sentiment data to empathize with and address technologists’ top career concerns
· Why flexibility is the key to work structure and return-to-office plans
· Which trending skills you should be specifying in your job descriptions to appeal to tech talent
· And more!

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