How to attract and retain payments professionals in today's competitive environment

The SUMMIT is Canada’s premier payments conference. Canada is undergoing a massive transformation in its payments ecosystem. The SUMMIT is the ideal meeting point for the payments community to exchange ideas on the future-state of the payments industry. Canada has a leading role to play in evolving the global payments ecosystem, and The SUMMIT is the place where we will see this transformation in action and the impact it will have on us as a nation, as an industry, and as individuals. Learn more at

Teresa Chavez - HR Manager, Americas - Rapyd
Kris Hansen - CTO - Synctera Inc.
Matt Marino - VP, Sales - Global Payments
Michael Tailleur - President, Americas - PaymentGenes

Due to the fast-paced technological fundaments of online payments, the payments industry is rapidly evolving and continuing to become more complex, regulated and globalized. With payments having become at the core of online interactions, getting the right payments professionals on board is a key pre-requisite for business growth in the Payments & Fintech Industry.

So what are the difficulties with hiring the right professionals in our industry specifically?

In this session we'll cover:

The talent gap in payments
How Canada's payment talent pool holds up compared to other countries
Talent acquisition and talent retention (from startup to corporate)
Employer branding
The role of leadership
Culture in payments
Talent management and acquisitions
Where to find talent geographically
What positions in the payments industry are more difficult to staff for
Why payments recruitment is a strategic imperative
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