How to Apply CSS in Oracle APEX

A cascading style sheet (CSS) provides a way to control the style of a web page without changing its structure. When used properly, a CSS separates visual properties such as color, margins, and fonts from the structure of the HTML document. Oracle APEX includes themes containing templates to reference their own CSS. The style rules defined in each CSS for a particular theme also determine the way reports and regions display. CSS can be added to APEX application inline, as CSS file(s) or through Theme Roller.

Depending on your requirements, you can add CSS to:

- Page Level – styles mentioned in the CSS file will be restricted to a specific page
- Page Template – CSS will be available to all the pages using that specific Page Template
- User Interface – CSS rules will be applied to the entire application
- Individual Component – apply styles to individual components on an application page
- Iconic Button - Using a recycle bin image by replacing delete text from the delete button
- Style IR Column Headings - Using a foreground and background colors to an Interactive report's column headings.

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