How to achieve 60 maunds per acre yield of wheat || Crop Reformer

Proper and suitable irrigation is one of the major components of wheat production technology. Management of water can increase or decrease the yield of wheat crop. There are some areas under wheat cultivation where early irrigation may become harmful and can damage the wheat growth and development. Whereas, there are some types of soils that need very early watering. In this video, I have tried to discuss different important points regarding water management after sowing. Wheat may become under stress due to improper and wrong time of irrigation. Some plants may become yellow due to stress causing a loss of wheat yield. And using expensive fertilizers may not deliver desired results as obtained in case of smart and intelligent irrigation according to soil health and ground conditions.
Germination of wheat crop is a key factor in production technology of wheat crop. If successful germination is achieved, there becomes more chances of better growth and development of plants resulting in higher yield potential. There are several small steps if followed perfectly, better germination can be attained. In this video, some suggestions have been given.
Wheat seed has naturally better germination and emergence of wheat crop is often up to the mark. Wheat crop is often planted in well moisture conditions and it rarely faces germination problem. Poor germination may be due to inappropriate moisture, soil salinity problem or poor quality, insect attacked or heated seed. In this video, we have advised those farmers who faced germination problem due to any reason, about what to do for maintaining wheat plant population. In this regard, it has been advised that only irrigation should be applied to germinate those seeds which are lying as such in normal soils. Additional seed may also be broadcasted in the standing water in case of poor germination. Sprouted seed may also be used after the 1st irrigation in case of salt affected soils.
Proper germination is essential for growth and development of wheat. This plays a vital role in production technology of wheat crop. In this video, there are four reasons given that cause improper germination of wheat plants. Solution of this problem has also been given in this video.

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