How the Right Enterprise Health, Safety and Environment Management Software Can Be a Game Changer

The cost of employee health and safety programs is more than a line item on the budget sheet— especially today. A poorly managed program can not only potentially result in productivity and financial losses, but more importantly, can be a threat to the safety and wellbeing of employees. According to a 2019 survey, workplace-related injuries cost businesses $1 billion per week — yes, per week. And costs are probably much higher than that when you take lost productivity and decreases in employee morale.

That’s why it’s essential that organizations make health, safety, and environmental management a priority. But how exactly do organizations go about doing that? That’s what we will be exploring in this conversation. Join Sodales Solutions Kirsty Thompson and Futurum's Shelly Kramer as they discuss all things workplace safety and the role that technology solutions can play in creating a holistic view of organizational safety.
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