"How Private Are Chinese Companies?": A Big Data China Event

In this event on February 7 at 11 a.m. EST, the CSIS Trustee Chair in Chinese Business and Economics and the Stanford Center on China’s Economy and Institutions (SCCEI) present their latest Big Data China publication. The feature provides an overview of the latest data-driven research evaluating the influence of the Chinese party-state on Chinese corporations and their ability to maintain autonomy.

Trustee Chair Director Scott Kennedy will host the event, which will include an introduction by Professor Scott Rozelle of Stanford University. Professors Curtis Milhaupt of Stanford Law School and Lauren Yu-Hsin Lin of the City University of Hong Kong School of Law will discuss their research on the topic, followed by a discussion on the implications for U.S.-China relations and U.S. policy with distinguished panelists Barry Naughton of UC San Diego, Martin Chorzempa of the Peterson Institue for International Economics, and Trustee Chair Senior Fellow Ilaria Mazzocco.

This event is made possible by generous funding from Stanford University.
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