How Prepare for Your Semester? (free notion template-personal knowledge management for students)

In this preparing for an organized semester video, I have created a notion template course dashboard with space repetition study schedule and assignment to do list.

✰Notion template: https://priscillaxu.notion.site/Course-DashBoard-05ee7130253a43578761e24583d53434

✰Time Stamps
0:00 Start your semester!
2:12 How to stay motivated with a north star?
3:09 How to plan for your assignments?
4:24 How to automate your space repetition system?
6:38 How use personal knowledge management to process lecture information?

✰Academic used for prepping this video:
‣Book: make it stick
‣Is Learning by Teaching Effective in Gaining 21st Century Skills? The Views of Pre-Service Science Teachers: https://jestp.com/index.php/estp/article/view/616
‣Interleaving: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/23138567/

Other notion templates: https://priscillaxu.notion.site/Worksheet-Templates-6c5f25e8cbd94d568c4c86de390d946a

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