How Leadership Styles Affect The Management Of A Crisis | Crisis Ahead

Do you know how different leadership styles can affect the way your organization will manage a crisis? Ryan McCormick is a crisis communications expert and co-founder of Goldman McCormick PR. In this episode of “Crisis Ahead,” he shares his observations on how the leadership styles of government and corporate executives have impacted their responses to crisis situations.


"Being overly rigid in one's stance prevents them from fully exploring and maximizing their potential impact.."- Ryan McCormick

"Leaders who stay true to their principles, even when popular opinion aligns, gain special respect and recognition."- Ryan McCormick

"Always anticipate crises as they are career self-defense. Stay prepared, respond sincerely and transparently when they occur."-Ryan McCormick

Featured Guest

Ryan McCormick
Co-Founder of Goldman McCormick Public Relations
Linkedln: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanmccormick131/


00:00 - Introduction
01:16 - Crisis Communications and Leadership Styles by Goldman McCormick
02:57 - Strengthening Crisis Response in Teams
05:35 - Assessing Leadership Styles in the Political Arena
06:27 - Effective Information Relay in Leadership
09:24 - Crisis in Sales: Unprecedented Drop in Bud Light's Market
12:32 - Positive Leadership: North Carolina's Governor
14:53 - Examining Disney CEO Bob Chapek's Strategies
17:03 - DeSantis: Leadership Style, Scrutiny, and the Road to Presidency
20:10 - Christy Nunn: The Dark Horse Candidate for President
21:48 - Building Resilience in Crisis Communications
22:58 - Conclusion

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