How is 'Market Noise' different from 'Market Volatility'? | How to use them in your trading

Is 'Market Noise' the same as 'Market Volatility'? Do these two characteristics of price action effectively provide the same information? Or do they provide different clues about the market? Knowing how to use Noise and Volatility is one key to understanding how to trade price action.

It's not surprising that many traders get confused about the differences between 'noise' and 'volatility' because they are often correlated. But not always. So what does each of these characteristics tell us about what's happening in the price action, and then how do we use that information to improve our trading success?

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This is Episode 96 in the Darwinex 'Algo Trading for a Living' Playlist, and Episode 16 of the 'Market Noise' mini-series.

Video Contents:
00:00 Introduction
00:37 Why Darwinex?
01:32 Understanding Market Volatility and Noise
02:20 The difference between noise and volatility
04:17 Comparison between noise and volatility
05:53 Overview of Market Volatility in Trading
07:21 Volatility and Risk Management
09:02 Advantages of volatility
09:33 Summary

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