How is 360 Degree Feedback Changing the Future of Talent Management? [Webinar]

Watch Anirban Roy, Vivek Vilatia and Subhro Bera, our in-house experts, shed some light upon the current scenario of 360 Degree Feedback Tool, and unravel unique ways in which leading companies have leveraged the power of this tool to revolutionize their talent management strategies.

360 degree feedback allows employees to develop the skills and competencies required to succeed in the organization, thus putting the onus on their success on their personal development. From an organization’s perspective, 360 degree feedback is a great initiative to encourage employees to set their personal goals and work toward them with determination, creating a culture of development and appreciation.

Implementing a 360 degree feedback process in organizations is a smart investment and a business decision as it promotes self-awareness and creates transparency in communication. The benefits of 360 degree feedback are increased transparency among the internal team via trust, sharing, and increased clarity toward expected behaviors and goals. A well-crafted 360 degree feedback tool and the process can boost overall team performance.

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