How I Would Learn Data Science in 2022 (If I Had to Start Over)

Every year, I like to refresh my advice about how I would go about learning data science from ground zero. The data domain is changing rapidly, and as my own knowledge grows, I think it is important to re-evaluate the approach that I would recommend.

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0:00 Intro
0:42 Is it Possible to Learn Data Science?
1:33 Where to Start Learning
2:33 How to Create a Learning Map
3:55 What Would My Learning Plan Look Like?
5:28 Before You Start with Projects...
7:05 Statistics???
7:45 Project Obsession
9:00 How to Leverage Projects Effectively
10:14 How Long Will This Take?
10:48 An Important Note on Goals

Starting off, I want to debunk the idea that you can “learn data science”. This implies that data science is a static subject that can be learned in its entirety. For better or for worse, data science is constantly evolving and growing. I don’t know a single person including myself, that could possibly know the whole field. Learning data science is a journey not a destination, and coming in with this mindset can make this process far more enjoyable for you.

First, I would start with a learning map. You need to plan your learning journey. Next, I would start learning python. You need to understand the basics here. After that, I highly recommend looking at other peoples projects and work. Finally, focus on data science projects to engrain new topics!

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