How I Style Fall 2022 Fashion | Women 40+ | Dominique Sachse

Fall is here, which means autumnal colors, cozy knits, and layering galore! In this video, I walk you through how to style the pieces you already own for fall and how to incorporate this season's trends into your looks!

Outfits Worn:
- Pink Dress: https://howl.me/ciedXUO4gyn

Look 1: Denim - (Relaxed Boyfriend)
- https://howl.me/ciedXUwpSqd
- https://howl.me/ciedXVl48yf

Lug Sole Loafer (Black with Gold detail)
- https://howl.me/ciedXUDlDpa
- https://howl.me/ciedXVrbDgc

Lug Sole Bootie (Marc Fisher)
- https://howl.me/ciedXVq76qt
- https://s71.co/3e7QZFj

Beige Sweater Vest
- https://howl.me/ciedXUqbWzk
- https://howl.me/ciedXVuuA7G

White Button-Down Shirt
- https://howl.me/ciedXUPLb2i
- https://howl.me/ciedXWoFMHo

Beige Suede Bootie (similar)
- https://howl.me/ciedXWtSJ76
- https://s71.co/3SIUDo4

White Tank Top (similar)
- https://howl.me/ciedXV8ZFS1
- https://howl.me/ciedXWljiHH

Plaid Button Down Shirt (similar)
- https://howl.me/ciedXVQw0Io
- https://s71.co/3CffrMK

Denim Cropped Flare (Cinq a Sept)
- https://howl.me/ciedXWnvO33

Off White sweater (similar)
- https://s71.co/3CxjO7n
- https://howl.me/ciedXWvV5PH

Off White Sherpa Coat (similar)
- https://s71.co/3RN8kkM
- https://howl.me/ciedXVXfSri

Light Beige Square Toe booties
- https://howl.me/ciedXWbC3bp

Long Fit and Flare Jeans
- https://howl.me/ciedXVz0eux

Black Cashmere V-Neck Sweater
- https://howl.me/ciedXVQfKgh

Black Pointed Toe Heeled bootie
- https://howl.me/cieequvZM6R
- https://s71.co/3rzt4BS

Veronica Beard Faded Straight Leg Cropped Jean
- https://howl.me/cieioy5RR6L

Off White V-Neck Loose Cable Knit Sweater (similar)
- https://howl.me/cieioAdOp5O
- https://s71.co/3T2rrs6

Joe Jeans The Mia High Rise Wide Leg Black Shiny
- https://howl.me/cieioAcuvSn

Glittery Turtleneck (similar)
- https://s71.co/3V8wUzp
- https://howl.me/cieioAayuSZ

Look 2. Karen Millen Leather Vest
- https://howl.me/cieivzUhAAQ

Commando Faux Leather 7/8 Trouser (black)
- https://s71.co/3RyyAiA

Look 3: Hot Pink pants (similar)
- https://s71.co/3SH5tL9
- https://howl.me/cieioAFVuhp

Black Corset top (similar)
- https://howl.me/cieioATrquy
- https://s71.co/3CDnSTS

Faux Ostrich Jacket (similar)
- https://s71.co/3SVA87m
- https://howl.me/cieioA6GyYT

Fairchild Baldwin black beaded necklace
- https://howl.me/cieizf3pfGt

Look 4: Spanx Faux Leather leggings
- https://howl.me/cieioA5CSID
(Similar) https://s71.co/3egWCRo

Black Fitted vest (similar)
- https://s71.co/3CAd7Bp
- https://howl.me/cieioA5BDL1

Oversized Patterned Blazer (similar)
- https://s71.co/3CAd7Bp
- https://howl.me/cieioABb7Ao

Riding Boot
- https://howl.me/ciezU5IPvMN

Cowboy Boot
- https://howl.me/cieioA8fCv5

Look 5: Dogtooth suiting - black and white - Karen Millen
- https://howl.me/cieiEUFptaQ
- https://howl.me/cieiETyrwNb

Patent Loafer (similar)
- https://s71.co/3RGR00q

Look 6: Vest and Pants
(royal blue)
- https://howl.me/cieiEUBQ62u
- https://howl.me/ciezU68Sdqv

Gray Wool Vest (similar)
- https://s71.co/3EifmL9
Long Black Overcoat
- https://howl.me/ciezU5CfKTQ
Black Slacks
- https://howl.me/ciezU65RZm9

Look 7: Long sleeve wrap ribbed knit dress (similar color)
- https://s71.co/3rwvctV

Tan suede cowboy boots (similar)
- https://howl.me/cieiETyn6gA

Fedora (similar)
- https://s71.co/3SG1JK5

Look 8: Gold ribbed knit dress AS by DF
- https://howl.me/cieiETJm6U2

Gold heel - Jeffrey Campbell (similar)
- https://s71.co/3yjEGfL
- https://howl.me/cieiEUqp0NQ

Look 9: Black fit and flare dress (similar)
- https://howl.me/cieiEUyjwt3

Black thigh high boots (similar)
- https://howl.me/cieiEUXV5gJ

Black polka dot pantyhose (similar)
- https://howl.me/cieiEVpozWU

Look 10: Alo Yoga Long workout leggings
- https://s71.co/3rwvzoj

Off White Workout top
- https://howl.me/cieiEVhBFXm

Long black sweater dress (similar)
- https://howl.me/cieiEU1cMbb

Gray button down cardigan (similar)
- https://howl.me/cieiEUSw44I

Poncho/Cape options
- https://howl.me/cieiEVQZHtI
- https://howl.me/cieiEVc9Z2q

Black puffer jacket (similar options)
- https://howl.me/cieZpC4zulz
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