How I made $18,600 Winning 73 Options Trades in a Row! | SPX Credit Spreads 1-3DTE

How I made $18,600 Winning 73 Options Trades in a Row! | SPX Credit Spreads 1-3DTE

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In this video, I go over the 1DTE strategy that I've been running with the discord.

The main benefit of the 1 DTE SPX strategy is that there is no overnight risk as the position is closed on the day of the trade.The second benefit is that by trading the SPX, you have the tax advantages of IRS Section 1256 contracts which means that 60% of profit is taxed at the long-term rate, with the remainder taxed at the short-term rate.The third benefit is that it is a high win percentage and is coupled with a stop loss to protect capital and limit downside risk.The final benefit is that you don’t need to trade high volume and can enter only one or two trades per day and scale your position as your account grows.

There is a large amount of risk that is being taken when you place a 1DTE trade! You absolutely have to stay strict to your stop loss. One slip up and you can really lose a chunk of your collateral in a play.

I highlight the moving averages that I use in this video as well. 10 Ema's, 34 Ema's etc. TTM squeeze is another indicator that I'm a big fan of using. RSI is also a nice way to see where the market looks like it'll be heading. I'm a big fan of shooting for about 8-10% a day on my 0DTE. It just makes the most sense to me. I'd rather keep my capital safe and gain a bit of interest per week! Nothing too crazy.

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