How HR Can Help Train Managers to Be Better at Coaching, Recruiting, and Compliance

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The most indispensable thing that HR can do is cross-pollinate great ideas. In this episode of HR Party of One, host Sarah Hecht explains how you can crowdsource the best tactics to train managers to be better at recruiting, coaching, and compliance—and be the best in the business.

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00:00 The most indispensable thing HR can do
00:48 How HR can consolidate the best ideas within an organization
01:42 Culture Guide vs Manager Manual, what’s the difference?
03:40 How to Train Managers to Be Better at Recruiting
04:56 How to Train Managers to Be Better at Coaching
06:12 How to Train Managers to Be Better at Compliance
07:20 How to Conduct Ongoing Manager Training
10: 25 Recommended Reads
10:54 HR’s Next Steps

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