How good governance can drive innovation | IoD

Watch this recorded session where the IoD and the IoD Centre for Corporate Governance (CFCG) discuss the findings of a major inquiry into governance and innovation.

The IoD Centre for Corporate Governance published a Call for Evidence earlier this year to enable company directors, executives and other interested parties to share their experiences. The inquiry tests the hypothesis that good governance and an effective board of directors can be key drivers of an innovative organisational culture and an active driver of sustainable value creation.

Speakers include:

• Patrick Macdonald, Chair, IoD
• Chris Hodge, Senior Advisor, IoD Centre for Corporate Governance
• Stilpon Nestor, Senior Advisor, Morrow Sodali and CFCG Advisory Board
• Megan Pantelides, Executive Director, Research, Board Intelligence
• Jason Danciger, Managing Director, Hana Group UK
• Dr Roger Barker, Director of Policy and Governance, IoD

Don’t miss this insightful discussion on corporate governance and innovation.
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