How Einstein's E=mc² Apply to Leadership?

Sales leaders who apply Einstein's sales formula improve their success dramatically.

Sales leaders who understand how Einstein's formula can apply to their team dramatically increase their probability of success.

Sales E=mc² stands for sales leaders' ability to educate, motivate, communicate and care.
Most sales leaders do not educate their team, and when done, it's sporadic at best.

The majority of Sales Leaders believe that motivation is not part of their job description, and salespeople ought to self-develop using their own time and resources.
To make the matter worse, many sales leaders communicate poorly with their teams because they don't know-how.

The most significant dilemma is that many leaders do not genuinely care. They say they do, but when it's time to show that they care, they turn their back on their team.

Yet they hope that their employees will excel doing their job, so they take the credit.
This video answers many questions you may have about identifying the sales leadership gaps and taking the necessary action to correct them.

Einstein's formula is complex; the same procedure applied to sales leadership is potent but straightforward to create rapid exponential growth and success.

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