How does debt affect your credit score and what are your rights?

How does debt affect your credit score and what are your rights?

Be a part of this fantastic drive time live session with Lakhi Singh - The Property & Business Fixer Monday and Friday (08 am to 09 am). Listen to what The Property Guru has to say about UK Property Market Trends in 2022

Lakhi Singh explains how the UK property market is facing a huge decline due to recent lockdowns and how his RAC membership program helps entrepreneurs and jobless people to generate a passive income without any hustle.

Lakhi Singh is a social media influencer, podcast host, and events host for the Mayfair Business & Property Members Club. He is a consultant to landlords in restructuring property portfolios and negative equity. He is also a specialist in bridging finance in 48 hours.

He is also one of the most prominent UK Property Investors who have built a multi-million property portfolio. He aims to help you discover your edge and unravel your success. He is a Neuro-Linguistic Program (NLP) practitioner, and also has a deep interest in humanitarianism. He has seen turbulence in business and his personal life to the extreme.

His podcasts aim to help clients to deal with obstacles by tackling fundamental issues that may be affecting their potentials of abundance.

He wants to help others to maximize their potential by helping them to adapt to using their intuition and their true potential.

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