How Do Wealth & Work Affect Happiness? | To Achieve Happiness - Part 1/2 | Full Episode

On a personal journey to achieve happiness, presenter Munah Bagharib uncovers evidence-based ways to boost happiness through wealth, work, rest & health.

Munah explores how primal instincts drive people and nations to get rich and outshine their neighbours. She measures her happiness through subjective-being research and learns how the world’s happiest nation, Finland, shares wealth to maximise well-being.

To beat burnout, Munah investigates how happiness at work can benefit from mindfulness, mutual appreciation, meaningful purpose and the “flow” of engaging work.

Munah discovers why her city is restless and sleep-deprived, and tries evidence-based ways to find satisfying rest, such as painting, nature walks and scuba diving in her happy place in Bali.

Finally, Munah explores the connection between health and happiness. She finds out how to make regular exercise enjoyable through peer support and meets a cancer survivor, who overcame depression and makes being happy a top priority.

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Part 2: https://youtu.be/aXRTAe1EmFw

About the show: Presenter Munah Bagharib embarks on a personal journey to explore evidence-based ways to achieve happiness through wealth, work, rest, health, the mind, relationships, community & resilience.
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