How do we transform existing property portfolios to Net Zero?

Join Arup, Landsec and Argent for this breakfast series where we will discuss “Net Zero provocations” and challenge the industry on opportunities to transform existing property assets, estates, and portfolios to achieve Net Zero Carbon.

The session is supported by our personal experiences to offer views on how we need to transform our approach to management of both individual assets and portfolios to meet that challenge head on. We also have a lively and thought-provoking Q&A segment and the end.


0:00 Introduction from our Panel Chair: Ann Dalzall, Associate Director, Arup

5:33 Daniel Rafferty, Senior Engineer, Arup

12:20 Andy Mazzucchelli, Energy and Sustainability Manager, Landsec

22:21 Tom Randall, Associate Director, Arup

29:14 Claudine Blamey, Head of Sustainability and Digital Strategy, Argent

36:18 Q & A Session with speakers and guests

59:54 Closing from Panel Chair

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