How Do I Get My Team to Love Work? (HBR Podcast)

Part four of our four-part special series, Find Joy in Any Job, with Marcus Buckingham on how to design your work to focus on what you love.

Not everyone likes everything about their job all the time. But we know from research that people who are energized by at least parts of their work perform better – and feel a greater sense of well-being. So there’s a huge benefit when teams and organizations encourage employees to spend more of their work day focused on their strengths and passions.

In this special series from HBR, we’re looking at how to figure out what you really love about work and craft your current job around that. In this episode, we’re scaling up from self-help for individuals to advice for managers and explaining how they can balance these efforts with business goals.

IdeaCast co-host Alison Beard speaks with Marcus Buckingham, head of research on people and performance at the ADP Research Institute and author of the new book Love + Work.

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Series Description:
HBR IdeaCast’s Find Joy in Any Job is a special four-part series with renowned management thinker Marcus Buckingham. At a time when 41% of us are considering quitting our current roles, we'll offer a better solution: a way to improve them. We'll capture voices from workers around the world and explore why so many feel unhappy and disengaged. We'll explain how to pinpoint the aspects of work that you do (or could) love and how to shift your responsibilities to those areas. Finally, we'll discuss how to build a team and organization full of people who love what they do. Marcus is the head of research on people and performance at the ADP Research Institute and author of the new book Love + Work (as well as co-author of the best-selling Nine Lies About Work). He'll be joined by IdeaCast co-host Alison Beard.

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00:00 Open
00:22 Intro
01:52 Team Joining: Get Curious About People’s Likes and Dislikes
07:40 Weekly Check-ins Make a Difference
11:32 Too Many Direct Reports is a Red Flag
14:03 Find Those Who Love Doing What Needs to Be Done/Love Drives Excellence
16:29 The Best Teams Embrace Uniqueness
19:48 Love Fuels Expertise Fuels Innovation
21:43 A New Standard for Company Culture

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