how can i improve my time management skills?

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how can i improve my time management skills?
Thank you so much for checking out my youtube channel for dads,Dad School the musical.
These hopefully, funny songs about family life and my dad life in general are an attempt at giving some funny parenting advice in the often ignored media of funny ukulele songs for dads.
I'm a UK Dad who also has a uk dad blog and perhaps like other dads concerned about men's mental health I set this channel up in 2018 to hopefully raise the conversation around mental health awareness.
I'm sure sometimes my 3 children wonder "Is dad being creative of just having a bit of a mid life crisis? Is he really being one of the dads on tik tok under the guise of helping other exhausted parents how to improve mental health or is he just a big old show off.The answer to all of those various questions is probably yes.
I am trying to build a community around this channel where other men and dads can come to hopefully get a positive,funny or at least new perspective on a similar life problem.
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I have a website that is being launched on 1st November 2021.There will be a number of free downloadable e books and videos to hopefully amuse and support other men and dads.

Visit the site and subscribe to it to get a free copy of my top 5 things for dads to do during pregnancy.

I am also on Tik Tok if you on the platform please come and say hi @happybirthdaydaily

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I hope wherever you are in the World you are okay.
Take care
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I'm trying to become financially free so I can have more time for my family.I have tried so, so many courses over the past decade that all promised to get me that financially free lifestyle.Sadly either they didn't provide me with the motivation or mindset or skillset needed.In July 2021 I did the Brambila Method course for about the cost of 1 meal out with my wife.The jury is still out but it feels like it could be the one.Okay,full disclosure,I'm only 2 months in but already I have actually made some money using the techniques shown.This is something I never managed with any of the other courses I tried.

If you are intrigued I would watch this first

Its vital to remember that any course or form of education is only as good as you are prepared to work.Ultimately you could do the course then just sit on your ass and complain that it didn't really deliver for you.
Where I think this is different is the community it invites you into.Apparently we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with.I think the level and quality of human support and empathy is what probably decides your level of success in life.
Anyway I've been lucky enough to have been chosen as an affiliate for The Brambila Method.If you want to give it a go click on this link and hopefully see you on the other side.
Good luck
If like me you're a bit of a worrier especially about things like cyber crime you could do what I did about 5 years and invest in a VPN app. I'm with Nord VPN and have never,touch wood, had any problems. Although I am an affiliate of theirs I'm not being paid to say this and genuinely became their customer about 5 years ago. Click this link to sign up and thank you if you did.

I'm not quite ready to teach you professionally but if you want to support me and are also in the market for some ukulele lessons both of these are pretty good.

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