How Bad Is DC Sales Decline?...Unimaginable

DC Comics sales are in a terrible state. How bad? The current state of DC sales is unimaginable. Only 1 non-Batman title is in Jan 2022 Top 50 Comic Sales. That comic, Superman: Son of Kal El, received world-wide publicity for weeks and it barely snuck into the top 50. DC Comics sales are terriyfing. DC Comics are pricing their comic so high they can only sell Batman at any kind of scale. DC Comics sales reflect they've chased off a large portion of their customer base. That's a terrifying proposition for DC Comics sales. How bad can DC sales decline get? It's only going to get worse until new management arrives. The damage Jim Lee and Marie Javins have done since Dan DiDio's departure is unimaginable. DC Comics sales are in huge decline. DC Comics sales are terrifying. I hope they can get out.

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