Horse Management - Hoof Care

One of the challenges we face living in the remote area that we do is not having access to quality services. Farriers, Veterinarians, and other large animal specialists are in high demand and just do not have time to travel into the middle of nowhere to render services for one animal. This is why it is super important if you own livestock to have at least some basic veterinarian skills under your belt. Recently I agreed to help my neighbors Lorrie and Raymond manage their ever growing horse herd. Getting it down to a more manageable size includes finding good homes for these animals. One of my jobs managing the horses is hoof care. Today I trim the hooves of two horses that will potentially be sold to a new home. Come along with me as I get these horses trimmed up. Thanks for watching. Remember to Like, Share, Subscribe, & Hit the Notification Bell to see what we do next.

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