HOME at Columbia Square Living with Greystar management

I would 100% recommend this building if you want to be disrespected, lied to, and constantly dealing with building habitability issues. Please google Greystar management before moving into Columbia Square Living and it will answer many questions on how you will be treated as a resident. 

The building will completely gaslight you. For example, I have had maintenance in my building with HVAC not working and in emails, they will say everything was working. The building also erased all my work complaints in their system.

I have posted this video for everyone to see the level of disrespectful management behavior at Columbia Square Living. In the video, you can notice all the error codes I have had with HVAC not working and then management sending me emails stating "it's working" Also, you can see how if you have an HVAC issue you will not get a response for a few days as management is not working on weekends. I have friends that can sign affidavits regarding HVAC not working. The building will always ignore your issues including lost packages, overcharges, etc.
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