HOK’s Centre Block Digital Twin | Build: Architecture 2021

Watch HOK explain how they’re combining the power of Unreal Engine, 3D geospatial platform Cesium, and construction BIM data to develop a digital twin of Centre Block in this video from Build: Architecture 21. For more information on using Unreal Engine to build architectural digital twins, visit: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/digital-twins

Cesium presents an exceptional opportunity for architects and designers, because it enables them to stream geospatial data directly into their models in real time. This saves a huge amount of time and resources on having to manually or parametrically automate the development and modeling of the surrounding context.

In this video, HOK explains how they have integrated Cesium into their Centre Block renovation project. This enables them to show the client how the context will appear within the models they’re developing.

HOK also reveals they are developing a tool that will take the real-time sensory data from Centre Block to a Cesium model, which will enable them to correlate both the context and the geospatial-rich reality capture data into one continuous location.

That opens up an opportunity to develop a comprehensive digital twin of Centre Block that incorporates all the data they’ve generated from various sources, including HOK’s development models, geospatially referenced point cloud data, and any other related construction BIM data.

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