Hive Life Conference 2023, walking around talking with vendors and introducing new products.

Welcome to my overview of Hive Life 2023!
This year, I did it right and spent some time visiting vendors and showcasing some brand new products. See the faces behind the products.

Learn about Hive Life Here: https://www.hivelifeconference.com/

This is a long video, so I've broken it down by time-stamps below:

The LARGEST Beekeeping Convention in North America, let's go -

01:10 Frank Wyatt of Books and More

03:03 Calvin Terry of Midnight Bee Supply

05:52 Bee Products Competition

06:09 Greeting Guests that are in line. NOTE, once the doors opened the lines moves fast.

09:23 Bees Needs

10:05 Marlyn Miller of Superior Bee

14:43 Dara Scott of Hive Alive
buy it here: https://www.fredsfinefowl.com/hivealiveworks.html

20:36 Guardian Bee Apparel "short"

21:23 Hive Butler, you know I like them!

22:21 Pavel Turilin, of Flow Chaser, a complete bee hive system on wheels.

28:10 BeeSmart Designs product line.

41:15 Bee Informed Partnership

45:34 Ceracell Beekeeping Supplies, current and soon to be available items.

56:42 Horizontal Bees

57:23 Apimaye Hives, current equipment and soon to be released modifications.

1:07:53 Pierce Beekeeping

1:10:02 Stream Team & Nature's Image Farm

1:10:18 Ivry B NEW Observation/Educational Hive that is soon to be released in KIT form. Designed for education and observing bees.

1:17:36 Guardian Bee Apparel, cameo appearance by Randy M. Dirt Rooster.

1:24:34 Best For Bees, announcing a new subscription based product line for beekeepers. Nutrition, Treatments, and unique equipment.

01:31:57 Strong Microbials, products for honey bee gut health. Microbes designed to mitigate or defeat the negative impact of pesticides and more.

01:40:02 Southeast Bee Supply, a smoker that doesn't get hot. Battery Powered, fuel that extinguishes itself. Anel Cool Smoke.

01:46:10 Bohemia Apiary & Castle Hive innovation for identifying queen status, and more.

01:48:52 Hill Co LLC, Top quality extractors, details and pricing.

01:57:35 Dale McMahan of Apis engineering. Top Quality queen insemination equipment and grafting gear for discerning Pros.

02:06:52 Fuzzy Nuggets, unique Child-Sized hives that kids can lift and tend.

02:13:02 Yappy The Bee Man shows up with Frank, his juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk! Catch the complete story on the Nature's Image Farm YouTube Channel.

02:13:57 Revolutionary Hives, feeder for large and small mouth mason jars. Inside the hive or outside open feeding. IMPRESSIVE.

That's IT. Thank you for watching! I think Hive life is at the perfect size. Larger wouldn't be better. I think Kamon Reynolds has achieved the perfect balance of vendors and attendees. The climate was overwhelmingly positive, and I heard no complaints.

If you are at all interested, I suggest getting your Hive Life Tickets for 2024 as soon as they are available. This year, the waiting list was in the hundreds. Vendors sold their inventories, Guests found everything they wanted and more. There was something for everyone, no matter what your beekeeping level is.
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