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Make or Buy Analysis explained with easy examples, Procurement Strategies, Project out sourcing, IPM
In this video you will learn
Risk in different contracts type
Risk of Buyer
Risk of Seller
Determine the highest risk in contract type
Risk increase for buyer in contract type
Risk decrease for buyer in contract type
Project risk in different types of contract
Highest risk for buyer
Highest risk seller
Project Management
Project Management Institute
PMP Exam Solved Questions
PMP 2021
PMP exam 2021

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# Opportunity Cost
# Sunk Cost
# opportunity and sunk cost
# sunk cost
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Video Title: Tuckman Ladder Model| Team Building Activities| 5 Stages of Team Development| # ipmacademy
In this video you get the information about 5 stages of Team Development
# Forming
# Storming
# Norming
# Performing
# Adjourning
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Power/ Interest Grid| Stakeholder Mapping/ Representation| Stakeholder/ Data Analysis| #ipmacademy
What is six sigma in quality?| PDCA cycle| TQM| Kaizen| Standard Deviation in Quality| # IPM Academy
This video explain the PMP and CAPM most demanding topic.
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Decomposition & Rolling Wave Planning| WBS| Work Package| Project Tasks| Project Activities|#IPM

Decision Making Techniques| Voting| Autocratic| Multicriteria| PMP Advanced Topics| #IPMAcademy

Cost of Quality| Conformance & Non Conformance Cost| Data Analysis| Cost Benefit Analysis|#IPM Academy

New Pattern PMP Exam Questions| How many questions in New Pattern PMP Exam? | # ipmacademyofficial
What is in New PMP Exam?

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Resource Management
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Stakeholder Management
Scope Management
Requirement Management
Change Management
Performance measurements

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